Terms & Conditions

The person entering riders in the event agrees and accepts the following conditions:

  1. The event will take place on public roads and riders’ safety will depend on the care that they take and on other factors outside the control of the organisers.
  2. Riders shall observe the rules of the road and participate at their own risk.
  3. Marshals may assist with route directions but the safety of riders is their own responsibility.
  4. Riders should be sufficiently fit to take part.
  5. Riders are responsible for looking after their own property and the organisers have no liability for it.
  6. Parents or guardians of children taking part are to be satisfied that their child/children is/are sufficiently capable riders to take part in the event and all children requiring supervision shall be supervised.
  7. Riders under 16 must not ride without adults accompanying them.
  8. The person entering any child as a rider shall be either the parent of guardian of the child or a person to whom the parent or guardian has delegated responsibility to make the entry.
  9. The entry made for a child in the event shall be deemed to confirm to the organisers that parental permission is given for the child to take part.
  10. The Rotary Club of Beccles may use (or allow to be used) all photographs of the event, which may include all or any riders (including children), in any publicity material for this and future events, whether on the event website, on social media, in the press or in any other way